Meet Beth

Beth Fletcher is a proud mom of 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade daughters. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the College of St. Ben’s, Beth taught middle school for nine years. An Eden Prairie resident since 2003, Beth has supported education as the past PTO president at Prairie View Elementary, past PTO President’s Council President, and as a National Charity League member. Upfront, fair dealing, and a great listener, Beth is passionate about education and about Eden Prairie Schools. As a parent, as an educator, Beth genuinely wants what is best for Eden Prairie students, schools, and the greater community.

Beth understands that being a member of the school board is one of the most important jobs a person can have, especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. She believes that being able to mold, direct, and outline the educational opportunities in our district is an honor. Beth has the courage and desire to make a difference in Eden Prairie Schools. Her goals as a school board member are to be accountable, fair, and transparent and will focus on how every decision relates to providing the best educational opportunities for our students.

A vote for Beth is a vote for keeping Eden Prairie Schools the number 1 choice for all Eden Prairie families.


Community Support

Top Choice Schools

Covid-19 has created unprecedented times. Distance, hybrid, and online learning will affect each student’s achievement differently. Beth will focus on upholding high quality, rigorous, engaging, and personalized teaching and learning. Ensuring that ALL students are prepared for their future and are proud to have graduated from EP schools.

Beth will work to increase community support through collaboration and quality communication. This includes sharing district successes and struggles, listening to our families, teachers, and administration, and having transparency in decision making.

Eden Prairie Schools has great leadership, highly qualified teachers, graduates that are prepared for the future, and supportive families. Keeping Eden Prairie Schools the top choice for Eden Prairie families is extremely important. We need to retain and attract our students by highlighting our world class successes, ask why are students leaving our district, and have a plan that is held accountable.

Hear from Beth!
Who is she? Why is she running?

Beth Received the EP Teachers Recommendation!

The Eden Prairie Education Association is delighted to recommend Beth Fletcher for school board; her dedicated leadership as a PTO president, her previous educator experience, and her creative problem-solving mindset make her an asset to both students and staff of Eden Prairie Schools. Ms. Fletcher’s student-centered perspective has already been serving and supporting teachers, students and our school community in valuable ways; her work on the board is a natural next step in her continued support of the Eden Prairie community.